We, at Floor House Plan, offer all sorts of stuff you need to make a house. From things as basic as the floor plan to interior designs.

Not only do we give the sketch for the house, but also arrange for an estimate on what materials are to be used and in what quantity. Websites often only deliver plans either for huge plots or for tinier one, ours, on the other and, offers plans for plots as tiny as 400sq ft to those measuring 2000sq ft. To top it all, our house plans are far from being rigid. We, more often than not, have at least one open space in the house so that you always have the option to put to any use you want. Interiors, too, are carefully designed. Our designs are made so as to help not only one but numerous types of styles. You get Contemporary, modern, artistic, minimalistic and other such designs. All your needs are taken care of with utmost seriousness. As for the estimates on quantity and prices of items to be used, we give the closest possible numbers. Who would’ve thought accessing all things house at a single place could be so easy!